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'Whist' MR Theatre

VICE, The Creators Project Says:

“WHIST is a boundary breaking piece, future facing in its use of the medium of VR

to develop a new kind of narrative. A truly beautiful, compelling and important work.”

Creative Review Says:

"Powerful, refreshing, exciting. WHIST opens up questions

about the fhuture of interactive performance experiences."

Satu Viljanen (Partner) Says:

“Like aweful student performance, if it wasn’t done in VR no-one would pay to see it”

I say:

“You can tell that the technical aspect dominates the end result, I was forgiving about

the content as a result. I enjoyed moments where the choice of camera position located

the viewer/participant in impossible space. E.g. hovering above a dining table where

you look down and only see the tableware not your own body. That’s pretty cool.

They said depending where you looked resulted in a different series of experiences

we’re certain they lied, both me and Satu had identical set of scenes. They must have

max four variations of experience available”

2020 Rob Farr

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