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VR Meetup @ London College of Communication March 2018

The VR Meetup at LCC was in part to help advertise the upcoming MA in VR beginning September this year, with a view to launching the world's first BA in VR the following year.

Speakers consisted of:

  • Rhiannon Monks - consultant with Leap Motion - previously with Start VR and HTC VIve.

  • Ben Glover – creator of Simple Misunderstanding, VR project replicating the experience of deaf people – UAL graduate

  • Fred Deakin – leader of Modual – musician - designer

  • Jocelyn Anquetil – production designer, The Mill – VR artist – UAL graduate

  • Oliver Vanes – VR, MR, AR designer – graphic designer – UAL graduate

  • Charles Harrop-Griffiths – designer, A-VR – VR artist – UAL graduate



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