• Rob

The Inner Columbo

“Cops, we’re not the brightest guys in the world. ’Course, we got one thing going for us: We’re professionals. I mean, you take our friend here, the murderer. He’s very smart, but he’s an amateur. I mean he’s got just one time to learn, just one. With us, well, with us it’s a business. You see, we do this 100 times a year. I tell you, Doc: That’s a lot of practice.”

When there’s a library full of periodicals, books, dvd’s and lectures. And the interent

offers a never ending network of tunnels of research of one form or another. There’s

certain points when what feels important is to listen to that inner detective in me that’s

trying to find the right clues and solutions. There are people you see in public randomly

and obscure shops in odd sidestreets and alleyways that you pass but catch your eye

and makes you think. That’s when it’s often good to turn back in good old Columbo style

and investigate the things that make you curious that can help find solutions.

2020 Rob Farr

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