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On the Other Hand...

Brief quotes interesting relating to touch and haptics:

'....so the moral is (that) haptics is the royal road to crediblity in VR' (bricken in lauria 2000)

'and i found that of all the senses the eye was most superficial, the ear most haughty,

smell the most voluptuous, taste the most superstictious and inconstant, touch the

most profound and phylosophical'

The Blind Man of Puiseaux:

'I would just as soon have long arms; it seems to me that my hands would tell me more about what happens on the moon than you can find out with your eyes and telescopes; and besides, eyes cease to see sooner than hands to touch. I would be as well off if I perfected the organ I possess, as if I obtained the organwhich I am deprived of' Diderot, 1749.

Stupid idea - give someone a dead arm before they use the VR controller?

Haptic Terminology: haptic, proprioception, vestibular, kinaesthesia, cutaneous, tactile, force feedback.

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