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Note to Self: Four Directions Being Pulled At Once

At all times I need to try and address one of four separate demands: Make new work, Validate old work, Write CHS, and try to keep on top of my Personal life.

Make new Work:

Photo shoot test with Anna and Richard - expand on the two robots idea - shoot in the lounge.

Contact Matthias about using his warehouse for proper shoot

Apply for VR competition

Validate old Work:

Contact the tutors at LCC MA in VR

Joseph Popper - low tech filmmaker and has run a workshop in 360° filmmaking

Nigel Bristow? Film Director has worked with Technology before but no VR specifially


Bills, relationship, repairs to flat, cleaning flat, overspending my budget, dentist appointment.


compile research so far

make sure to complete something for first deadline

complete the structure

2020 Rob Farr

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