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Installation Video Art: General

Updated: May 3, 2018

Trying to experiment with VR is very difficult in every way, but one facet is how to think in VR and create content unique for a VR headset rather than making a movie and grafting on the VR element. One of the recurring influences I've come across during this project is the importance of installation video art. The viewer observes often multiple streams of film footage, there is rarely a strict sense of structure or narrative. There may be characters but they do not follow a strict 3 act structure arc, and the audience are observers but they have a sense of agency because its up to them to make sense of the information they've been given. They choose what direction they look and when, and so make their own decisions when to cut between one screen or another, what logic or montage is the result of the two previous views. This multiple avenues of action is something I think is important to VR and I hope to incorporate into my film.

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