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Process: Imagine Technology as a Boot in the Face Forever

Updated: May 9, 2018

So far in this project I've essentially tested five consumer level video cameras after having had relatively quick success shooting 2D and the 360° photographs.

I didn't expect quite how difficult the jump to moving image would be and to what extent the technological challenges are multiplied when trying to shoot videos in 360. Every camera has can only be controlled with it's own app, and for the most part the images are stitched together with a separate desktop software before any kind of editing.

It should have been obvious but the technique of using UV blacklight pushed the sensors on all cameras to their limits and they all failed in different ways. There's a reason why all the cameras show footage of snowboarders on mountain tops, the light levels are generally so high and constant that the resulting footage looks half decent.

Now compare to the Samsung 360 (2017) I bought for £150 (you get what you pay for)

The cameras tested included Samsung 360, Ricoh Theta S and V, and the Garmin VRB 360 that shoots in 4K and 5.7K so I consider that two cameras as they behave very differently.

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