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Evaluate: Garmin VRB 360 Time Management

Updated: May 9, 2018

When the VRB 360 @ 5.7K produced the best results, I had to adjust my workflow to fit around the personality of the equipment. Each full take is two minutes approximately but I mostly had false starts as the skateboard wouldn't stay tracking in a straight line. So a full take would include several restarts, maybe 5 minutes max. If I want to see the rushes, the camera is then connected to the laptop and the VRB desktop software detects the two separate video feeds and stitches them together very slowly even with my new laptop. Once a clip, I then need to export again to ensure no frames were dropped in the process, again very slow. For a lot of the stitching process the camera must be switched on so drains the battery. The battery life is about 1 hour IF you don't use the app to control the settings, but the image is rubbish without it so is not an option. The battery then takes several hours to charge again, and if shooting at 5.7K for a while, the camera overheats and shuts down for a while.

Each take of around three minutes would take about half an hour before you could watch the results. The shot used in the final film happened at 3am on the last night renting equipment, and I only stopped shooting as the battery was drained and I had to leave the footage processing as i went to bed for a few hours before returning everything.


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