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Blast Theory Lecture VHS - Esceula Vieja!

Updated: May 9, 2018

Not sure if something will work or might work but have a hunch that it’s the right path to take.

Technology does not lead, Blast Theory never start with tech platform as the basis, the ideas for the work come first and this drives the adoption of any particular infrastructure

Giving the audience agency and some voice in work is recurrent, great emphasis on audience. Two out of three no technical skills, our focus is on the experience: Content, semiotics, interface, clarity or ambiguity. Assessing whats happening and why.

Why theatre. Why are we doing this why does it matter to us why would it matter to anyone else ask at every stage of developments.

How induct members of the public into a new and nfamiliar process in such a way that they are not overwhelmed or intimidated ad already engaged in the underlying themes that underline the work.

‘The magic circle’ mutaually agreed upon thing difff rules in play

Creative meetings are long, and wherever possible, open ended.

Much discussion is made by us as to the impetus for the work rather than the content of it, why are we doing this, why in this place and at this time.

original version 2d map, 8 pixel by 8 pixel sliding across it - primitive but effective

Draws on architecture interactive design, art, perfmormance

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