Digital Design Weekend @ The V&A, 2019

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Examples Produced by Visitors: (click and drag to view in 360°)

User Experience:

Craft VR is my latest project to design digital content and experiences utilising basic materials and minimal technology. As a continuation of the techniques developed with Real VR, Fake VR; this interactive installation transforms the most mundane of physical materials into a toolkit for improvisation. Users have agency to design, make and then experience their own digital environments. An IKEA cabinet has been adapted to become my interpretation of the toy theatre. Backgrounds can be changed and personalised, objects are then chosen and placed inside the box. Using the UV technique, the 360° photo produces render like images, to be viewed in a VR headset almost immediately and without any post-production.

This project was designed for the V&A’s Digital Design Weekend 2019 where the brief was identity and heritage in the digital age. Visitors of all ages produced 50 environments over the weekend. Craft VR relies on technology and the outcome is a digital artefact, but as a designer, I encourage physicality and hands on making skills in a digital age.

2018 Rob Farr

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