'Was it Laurie Anderson that said that VR would never look real until they learned how to put some dirt in it?'

William Gibson

Watch Real VR, Fake VR:

(The clip below demonstrates a point of view of the film)

‘RealVR, FakeVR’ explores the use of analogue filmmaking techniques in the emerging format of virtual reality and 360° experiences; investigating the friction point between the physical and digital, hi and low tech. The illusion of virtual reality is created filming UV lights, fluorescent post-its and electrical tape, to be viewed in an Oculus Rift, Vive or VR Gear headset.


Initially as a response to the challenges of Unity software and GoPro rigs, the project has attempted to create 360°/VR content bypassing technology where possible. In a culture where digital imagery is the norm, these experiments embrace playfulness, imperfections and the visible maker’s marks to create believable environments. 

This website illustrates my iterative approach to the project including process development images and videos. Real VR, Fake VR was the outcome of my first year studying at the MA Design Products at the Royal College of Art. This project became the foundation for producing work throughout the second year. Since graduating in July, 2019, the technique has been developed as an interactive activity at the V&A museum under the title Craft VR.

2020 Rob Farr

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